Press Release: Blanchard Built Zeto Family Collection Results in Two Auctions

New Orleans, LA, April 6, 2022 – Blanchard & Co., the country’s leading real estate company, has made monetary history again after this week’s public auction.1907 Indian Eagle slab opposite Zito Family Collection.

Two 1907 $ 10 Indian pieces were included which broke the previous auction record. These coins, an NGC MS68 1907 $ 10 Indian Wire Edge and a CAC PCGS MS67 1907 Round Edge, both sold almost twice their previous record highs.

Over a period of eight years, Blanchard consulted Dr. Paul Zeto, a New York doctor, and his wife, Rosalie. Through Blanchard’s deep monetary connections, the firm created for them the source of a historic collection of 92 U.S. gold and silver coins.

This week, 89 lots from their collection were put up for public auction and sold more than 3 4.3 million. Blanchard Zeto has helped the family achieve their goal of diversifying their portfolio by accumulating high-quality and ultra-rare real estate.

Investors quickly bid on rare U.S. gold and silver currencies when they become available and the entire collection is sold immediately. “It underscores the high demand and limited supply for ultra-rare inflation in today’s environment where inflation is at a 40-year high, broad monetary policy and a sluggish US economy,” said David Janka, Blanchard’s senior portfolio manager who worked with Zito’s family for eight years. To create this fabulous collection.

The onset of the current epidemic in 2020 could mark the beginning of the current boom in demand for rare earths, which has sparked renewed interest in real resources, including rare earths. Both the number of rare currency sales and the price paid for the rarity have exploded across the industry over the past two years.

NGC MS68 1907 $ 10 Indian Wire Edge MS68 tied to each other. Interestingly, the other MS68 is the Steinbrenner coin, which is also kept by Janka. Until the Zeto piece was placed last evening, the Steinbrenner coin had a record auction, selling for 2019 432,000 in August 2019. Now, even three years later, the Zeto Peace has set a new record, selling for almost 840,000, almost double the previous record.

Much later, CAC PCGS MS67 1907 $ 10 Indian Rolled Edge made its own history by breaking its previous record price. The Zito piece is tied to the Pogue currency as the most well-known among the CAC population. Just two years ago, the Pogue coin was valued at $ 576,000. The Zeto piece surpassed that number and settled at $ 1,140,000.

“It’s incredibly satisfying to see results for these long-term clients. It was amazing to see Steinbrenner Wire Edge break the record at $ 425,000 in 2019. Now, even three years later, seeing another piece of my client almost doubles that record is a testament to what’s happening in the rare money market.” As an Edge, it’s great to see a client realize more than 1 million for a coin. It proves that if an investor achieves quality and sticks to a plan that can literally break the world record. “

Other outstanding currencies issued by Blanchard from the Zeto collection include:

  • 1795 Dropped Bust Silver Dollar. BB-52, B-15. Rarity-6 as a sample. Centered bust. Sample-65
  • 1799 Dropped Bust Silver Dollar. BB-163, B-10. Rarity-2. MS-63 (NGC). Oops.
  • 1832 Capped Head Left Quarter Eagle. BD-24, the only known death. Rarity-4. MS-63 (NGC).
  • 1863 Three-dollar piece of gold. JD-1, the only known die. Rarity -6+. Proof-64 Cameo (NGC). CAC.
  • 1799 Capped Bust Right Half Eagle. BD-6. Rarity-5. The smaller reverse stars are MS-63 (NGC).
  • 1872 Liberty Head Eagle. MS-64 (PCGS). OGH.

The Blanchard sourced collection highlights the incomparable ability of the firm to secure the best rarity for its clients. “Since 1975, Blanchard & Co. The country’s leading rare currency trader. With a specialty of legacy coins, our firm has established more significant currency coins than any other in the industry, “said Janka.

Despite the tight currency market supply in 2022, Blanchard has been very successful in finding several private holdings. Blanchard recently held two flagship rarities, including the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar and the 1808 $ 2½ Capped Bust. Given the small size of the equipment and the concentration of resources in the United States at that time, these Hallmark coins could have been owned by one of the American giants of the time.

“Our numbers continue to reach incredible reach within the community and we can almost always find what you are looking for, even in the current extremely tight market conditions,” says Janka.

About Blanchard

Founded in 1975, Blanchard is the largest and most respected investment company in the United States, specializing in precious metals and rare coins. Headquartered in New Orleans, Blanchard has owned and sold more than half of the 100 largest U.S. currencies published in the last four years alone, with 1.3 billion in sales. With more than 520,000 customers to date, Blanchard has provided expert advice to investors and collectors on the rarity of the American currency and the acquisition of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion.

David Janka is a 28-year veteran of the precious metals industry and Blanchard’s senior portfolio manager. He can be contacted at 1-800-880-4653.

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