Claiming tax rebate for uniforms in P87

If you wear a uniform for work and you wash it yourself, you are probably eligible for a uniform tax refund.

So, isn’t it just for ‘uniformed’ jobs like the police and the armed forces?

This is a common misconception. A uniform rebate Anyone who wears a recognized uniform to work. Not just police officers, nurses and soldiers.

Many industries have uniform requirements for employees; Retail, automotive, hospitality, name but a few. And, if your employer does not provide laundry benefits, you can claim a tax deduction for washing these uniforms.

What counts as uniform for tax purposes?

HMRC has its own definition of what constitutes a uniform key for tax deduction purposes. It must be a requirement of your workplace and must be branded with company name or logo.

There is also a provision for taxpayers to wear formal attire as part of their job. The HMRC document EIM 32475 states: “Formal evening wear which, due to the traditional practice of a particular profession, is customarily worn daily while on duty (for example, dinner jackets worn by waiters) may also be adopted. “

There is a slightly gray area around wearing an isolated company name badge. If the rest of the staff’s attire is the same, adding a branding with a badge can be classified as a work uniform for tax deduction purposes. These cases are decided on an individual basis.

The key is to describe the ‘recognized uniform’.

“Employees will easily be recognized as wearing uniforms by people on the street.”

What is not included in the uniform definition of work?

Other items that employees wear, including work uniforms, are not included in the definition. Such as underwear, socks, tights and shoes.

Also, ‘normal’ clothing that is being worn as a uniform will not count. Some examples:

  • Anything worn under the overall of mechanics
  • A black dress code for restaurant staff
  • Workers in a boutique have to wear clothes from the rack

The test here is that if you were walking down the street, you would not be considered wearing a uniform, only plain clothes.

What will I claim?

You can claim a flat rate amount between £ 12 and £ 74 per year. How much tax you pay and how much you get depends on the industry you work in. It can be backdated for four tax years.

Claim your uniform tax relief on P87 form

You can claim uniform rebate directly from HMRC by filling out an online form P87. You can fill out the form and post it at the tax office. Or we will include your eligible uniform cost with any kind of rebate claim. This usually applies when we demand tools and mileage for our clients.

But with claims that seem unrelated to the surface, we make sure all the elements are included. For example, if you claim a tax rebate for leaving the UK, uniform laundry costs are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s why you join us, keep an expert eye on your whole situation and make sure you are a complete tax expert.

You cannot claim an allowance or relief that you do not know about. And we know all about them. Thus some clients start with a uniform tax claim and end with a discount which includes mileage, trade union fees and tools. Everything has been done without any hassle for you.

Tony Shanks
Director of Operations
ATT member

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